Sunday, March 04, 2007

With AS the SL WORLD TURNS off to a good start, I've turned my attention in Second Life to doing readings of my works. Taking a lesson from the musicians, I have done three readings so in my home shop (Passionate Books) and two on the island of Hukilau, where I was asked to come and read! Two other sims have contacted me about doing a reading in their venues and I'm setting up a weekly reading at Passionate Books.

I have to say that this blows my mind a bit. I've never even done a reading of my works in RL! The response has been positive (although the lag between the time I make a joke and the time I get a response from the crowd does drive me crazy a bit. Ahh..the technology of broadcasting!). I do worry people will get bored, though, so I hope they'll tell me if a piece is too long...or too hot!

Wednesdays, Passionate Books, 5 PM least, every Wednesday in March to see how it goes. I have already begun to line up some guest authors in the erotic romance genre. The format of the hour is still a work-in-progress. At the moment, three readings with time in between for questions and/or stories (if no one asks questions) seems to work.

Still hoping for people to begin using this blog as an outlet for their Second Life stories!


Anonymous said...

I didn't learn about Second Life the way most people do. I actually came upon it by accident. I was tracking down a hit on my own website, a Google search that used my real name and when I duplicated the search I came across another hit to a builder who constructed boats in Second Life. The name interested me, along with the graphics on the website so I looked further and came upon the Second Life website. I started reading and thought it was pretty interesting (I've always been fascinated by anything having to do with computers and the web) so I signed up and created my avatar.

The first thing I realized once I arrived at the Welcome Center is that I was not as pretty as some of the people around me. They were wearing glittering rings, wavy skirts and curly hair. I edited my appearance so many times those first few hours. Right at the beginning these funny looking guys would come up and start talking to me. Somehow I ended up in an urban sim with one of them and when people starting shooting at us he suggested that I follow him to Luna. I'll never forget that name because when we arrived the sun was setting on a beautiful beach so we sat and chatted. He was very nice but I've met so many people since then I can't even remember his name.

Over the next few days I started exploring, much to the chagrin of my husband, who had heard of Second Life, but had only heard that it was all about sex. We've been married almost 30 years, but he still gets jealous of my attention to the computer, especially if I'm interacting with real people. Pretty soon I decided that I wanted to look like all of the pretty people, so I pulled out my credit card and bought $20 worth of Lindens.... WOW! I had over L$5,000 to play with!!. I started shopping.... every time I saw someone in a pretty dress, I decided that I had to have one prettier... and that's what brought me to Caledon.

I was looking for an evening gown and was searching through the classifieds, teleporting to stores all over the world. In Caledon I found a very quaint Victorian sim and a nice shop with beautiful gowns. When I entered the shop there were two people there, dressed in Victorian Era clothing, a man and a woman. We exchanged hello's and to my surprise their speech was very refined..... they were role playing... Ahh, I loved it... I fell right in and and joined the game. The woman left but the "gentleman" remained and offered to assist me in my search as assured me he knew where all the fine shops were.

I ended up spending a huge chunk of my money that night and bought some beautiful gowns. He was such a gentleman and offered friendship which I gladly accepted. Over the next few weeks, the moment I logged into SL I would get an instant message from him: "Good day Miss Keaton, how are you?" I would always fall into the role play and respond with "Well good day Mr. Chatman, a fine day it is" and we would chat for a few moments. He was always the perfect gentleman and we always stayed in our Victorian character. Several times he invited me back to Caldone so see his latest project and once to show me his home. He asked my opinion and was very solicitous and kind and most of all very complimentary of my dress, my eyes, my hair. He never fell out of the role play, always the Victorian gentleman.

Late one evening I was online and he asked me to join him in Caledon. I teleported over and we walked around and chatted. At this point I must say that I had promised myself (mostly because of my husband’s insistence that it was all about sex) that I would not indulge in sexual activities, I wanted to maintain a reputation as being a good girl. But Mr. Chatman, I believe, had my seduction planned out all along. That evening he was especially courteous and complimentary. He said that he wanted to be alone with me, and sample my sweetness. He then asked if I would be interested in seeing his home in the sky (at that time I didn't know that skyboxes are where most of the "activity" takes place, because of their privacy- here I was changing clothes in my apartment so no one could see me and all along any one of my neighbors could have used their camera controls to spy on me). I had never seen a home in the sky so with a bit of hesitation and a coy suggestion that I wasn't experienced in intimate things but might be willing to accept some attentions agreed to teleport to his heavenly home.

I arrived on his front porch, surrounded by an iron cage. I was a bit startled and looked about searching for him and saw him standing outside on the lawn. I giggled nervously and questioned my surroundings and he told me that he liked me in a place where I couldn't get away from him. I looked around and finally saw the entrance to the guilded cage and joined him on the lawn. He offered to hug me and I agreed, our avatars coming together in a gentle embrace. And then he started talking using seductive words to express what he could not physically make his avatar do. He gently kissed my lips, my nose, my neck, my earlobes. He ran his hands up my arms and told me he was unbuttoning my blouse. His words were mesmerizing and I quickly "took off" my blouse, exposing my breasts encased in a see through pink lace bra. I told him that I was frightened but returned his caresses, continuing the role play. He made short work of my bra and began working on talking me out of my prim skirt, pants and finally my panties, verbally kissing and caressing me at the same time. I likewise encouraged him to remove his clothing and soon he was standing naked before me (sans erection) Suddenly he was on his knees before me, explaining in great detail how he was kissing my most secret place. I returned the word play, expressing my surprise at the feelings he was provoking in my innocent avatar body. After I loudly expressed an orgasm he stood and asked me to return the favor. I blushed (in RL and SL) and told him that I did not know what to do. He told me that I should kneel, and I giggled and told him that I did not know how. He then gifted me with a "basic kneeling" animation. I turned to him and activated the animation and found myself on my knees before a huge penis that had appeared in just the right place on his avatar. Still playing my role as an innocent, I verbally carressed and took his manhood into my mouth, going into great detail as to the actions of my lips and tongue. The exchange continued and then he pulled back and said that he wanted all of me. Again I told him that I was frightened, that all of this was so new to me so he continued with his seductive sweet talking until I finally agreed.

He threw two pose balls onto the lawn and I sat on the pink one, and found myself on the ground, on my back with my legs spread and in the air. Suddenly he was on top of me, his avatar pumping into my virgin avatar body. I was so surprised that all I could do was say "Oh My!". Suddenly an IM popped up and he told me (no longer in role play) that irregardless of the animation he would continue slowly. And that he did, with words he continued to caress me and prepare me for him. I continued to play the innocent, and began to scream as he took my virginity, but he quickly covered my scream with kisses and I found myself surrendering to him. I also found, in real life, that I was very much aroused. Our avatars continued their pumping and the beautiful words kept flowing when all of a sudden my IM box blinked again. Out of role he asked me if I was turned on. I told him that I was and then he asked me if I had my pants on and if I was playing with myself. I was so startled by the sudden frankness… and I was unprepared for his two personalities, one still playing the Victorian gentleman, and the real guy on the other side of his computer screen that I laughed and embarrassed, told him that I was squirming in my seat. He asked me if I really was a virgin, because I played the role so well and I assured him that I was far from that. He realized that I was startled by his speech outside of the role and told me that he was a perv, I laughed and told him that I had a few unfulfilled fantasies that I might be interested in exploring. Finally we separated and went our separate ways.

I still have him on my friends list, and every now and then we send a quick hello to each other, but I only saw him once afterwards, and not playing a man. To this day I’m still not sure if I was role playing with a man or a woman, sometimes when he IM’s me he is the Victorian gentleman, sometimes he’s the perv.

Anonymous said...

I met my wife/partner in second life and her name is Tara. Tara is a very young sexy girl and lives in another part of the world in real life. She thrilled me so much I had to marry her! She is so much fun to be with and we had been having a good time in SL, she was always there. Then one day, she started a new job in RL and Tara hardly came online anymore. It was so sad to see her go and she always left too early. Just love sick, I didn’t know what to do in SL with her gone. I talked to a friend of mine about the situation and he said “Well that’s the way it goes. You can’t do anything about it, it’s her real life and she needs to do what she has to do”.

Then one day, a couple of days later, I was running around SL doing some exploring. My friend came online and said I should update my HUD. This particular HUD is a device you use when you are having sex in SL. I took his advice and went to the company that made mine called the Xcite Store. I was looking for the updates when I literally ran into this girl!

Low and behold it was Tara! So I offer a kiss to her and she took it! Then I paused and thought for a second on what my wife’s full name was! Oops! Wrong Tara! The girl tells me “Wow! People are real nice in SL!” Turns out she was a very cute newbie. A newbie is a person who is new to SL and as it turns out it was Tara’s first day. The new Tara (who I’ll call Tara2 to keep things less confusing) asked me about Xcite clits. She asked me if it is worth all the money it takes to get one. She pondered it a moment and then bought one. Then she said to me that it would be nice to try it, but she has no partner. I responded that hopefully she would find one soon, and that it shouldn’t be hard in SL to do that.

Tara2 said “Well Jack, I’m a nice girl, but just dying to try it out.” She couldn’t find it in herself to come right out and say she wanted sex! So I said “Well ok. Guess I should be the one to show you then!” It turns out that this girl, even though it was her first day in SL, knew a lot. She even had her own house and even figured out how to put on the new clit. I asked her how she knew so much and looked so good on her first day in Second Life. Tara2 said she had a daughter and she watched her play, so she knew about the game and how its played. When she made her avatar, her daughter was helping her with shapes, skins and clothing. She also helped her get a house and furnish it. It was pure coincidence that I ran into her that night. She looked great and she took me to her house, and I showed Tara2 how to have sex in SL. Wow! That was fun! The only problem was that her bed was boring with only one animation.

Now I know what you are thinking. If I’m married, why in the world would I be messing around? Well my Tara is very understanding of me and the situation we’re in because she can’t be online as much as I would like. We have an open marriage, so as long as I IM her and let her know what I’m doing, its cool with her! What a girl!

Well to keep going with the story, we went out and went shopping for a bed. There are a lot of shops in SL. So we were having a hard time finding one right away. I showed her how to use the search to go shopping and she found a great store for beds. We were looking around this particular store when her daughter showed up! She said “MOM! What the hell you doing here?” Tara2 replied “ah, ah, we looking for beds?” Her daughter asked “What? What you mean we?” Oops!

After an awkward moment Tara2 introduced me to her daughter. Sam is also much younger than I am and wow, was she sexy looking! Sam IM’d me right away and asked me what my intentions were toward her mom. I decided to be honest and answered her by saying, “Well Sam, if its any of you business, my intensions are purely sexual!” I guess it was a answer she wanted to hear. Things are like that in SL. So Sam told me she was glad to meet me. She showed us a really cool bed. Tara2 was still new, and I wanted to help her so I gave her the money to buy the bed. She didn’t want the money, but then again, she really wanted to do it right so she took the money and bought the bed.

Her daughter who is still standing right there with us said “Mom! Where did you get all that money to buy the bed?” And Tara2 said a friend of hers let her borrow it. Unfortunately Sam wasn’t happy because now her mom had the cool bed and she didn’t. She really wanted one too and started discussing with her mom on how she could get one too. Sam is married in SL but her husband can’t afford to buy a bed. Sam kept going on how she wanted one so to keep her quiet, I gave her the money and told her to buy one for herself. When I told Tara2, she wasn’t happy, but it shut up her daughter! LOL.

Tara2 really wanted to get out of the shop and try out the new bed so we left and headed out to her place. The next few hours were incredible! It took us a long time, because you have to adjust the positions on a new bed but we had a great time! Soon after we started, Sam sent me an IM and told me that she was mad because it was going to be a few hours till her hubby got home and she couldn’t wait to try out her new bed. I kept telling her to wait, he’ll be home soon and that I was kind of busy here with her mom *wink*. She was quiet for a little while then the silly girl asked “What you doing to my mom now?” I didn’t say anything to her so she came back and said “Well? Tell me!”

So I did. It didn’t shut her up though, instead she got hotter. She waited a little while and came back and asked “Now what you doing?” and then told me that it was turning her on and that she couldn’t believe she was talking to her mom’s lover as he having sex her!

Tara2 was busy this whole time and wasn’t saying anything but Sam sure was! So I found myself getting even more turned on too! Sam came back and asked me if I would like to see a picture of her. So she sent me one of her in a bikini. Wow, she was pretty! Then she asked me if I would like to see her topless and sent me another picture of one her topless! Then she asked if I would like to see her naked and asked me again what I was doing. She sent me another picture, this time of her naked and masturbating. Wow! The girl was hot!

Tara2 was tired and she thanked me for a great time and for the money for the bed. She also asked if Sam had IM’d me. I told her that, yes, we had been talking with each other. She asked me if Sam wanted to have sex with me too and I said yes, she had asked me that. Then she told me that she and Sam were sending each other IM’s also and Sam had asked her if it was ok with her. She told me that her daughter was very sexual and that it was ok with her if she wanted to have sex with me but that I needed meet with her there at her place so Sam’s hubby couldn’t find her. Then Tara2 left and Sam came in to her mom’s place. Sam told me that she thought her mother would never leave and that she didn’t know she could do it that long! I laughed and we had a good time until she had to go. What a night in SL!

Tara2 and I still are dating each other. Sam only talks to me ever now and then. Mom told to her to keep her hands off this one! I think its going to be a good time in SL, we will see what the future brings. My other Tara is still busy in RL and I don’t see her much at night but then, Tara2 comes in at night. It is a good arrangement for all of us. Only in SL!

Diana said...

Great stories! Thank you for sharing them. Amazing the people we meet here (grinning).

Anonymous said...

Clara was standing around the Passionate Books bookstore in Damsel, chatting with Diana, the owner, and admiring the new layout of the store. Diana had an ingenious idea to add toys to the store and attach excerpts from her books to them. Then customers could come in, read the excerpts and play out the scene right there on the premises.

As Clara and Diana were talking, several people walked into the store, including Eric. Dianna immediately greeted him and explained how the toys worked and a brief discussion ensued where Eric told Diana that he was looking for new toys for his pet. Clara was standing by, watching the interchange when Diana encouraged her to give Eric a demonstration on how the toy cage worked. Clara, who's always ready for a new challenge, jumped into the cage and the dance animation took over her avatar. Her hips were grinding and rolling, her arms raised to give maximum exposure to her breasts. Enjoying her motions and wanting to give a sexier display she quickly exchanged her jeans for a pair of extremely high cut shorts.

Clara had a deep desire to be submissive. In her Real Life, she was the powerful business woman and matriarch of her family, always in control of her surroundings and circumstances and she was sorely weary of it. She wanted to give up that control and let someone else make the decisions for her, she needed someone that would engage her mind, was experienced and knew what he wanted. Unable to release control in her Real Life, she played in Second Life, looking for the elusive Master who could fulfill her fantasies.

Eric sent an IM to Clara, telling her how beautiful and sexy she was. Clara, trying to think of a response, overheard Diana explain to Eric that they were both submissive and perhaps he could persuade Clara to go with him. Feeling a bit mischievous, Clara quickly replied to Eric in IM telling him that she was a very naughty girl and not easily tamed. He must have read her profile, because he responded with words she loved to hear, “sex in SL is 90% verbal and 10% physical”. Was this the master she had been looking for? Could this man captivate her mind while controlling her body? She read his profile and was a bit skeptical, he was relatively new to SL, he didn’t have the proper hair or clothing, yet the words he used were intelligent, perhaps he was a RL Dom, just learning his way around this new virtual world. He told her that naughty girls deserved to be punished and he would be happy to punish her, that he had strong hands and very much enjoyed making tight pale behinds pink and glowing. With an encouraging IM from Diana telling her that this one may be a keeper, she agreed to go with him and explore.

Eric left and sent a teleport to Clara, she accepted the offer to join him and found herself standing in a dark club. He sent her an IM, telling her to wait a moment while he helped a friend so she patiently stood by while he spoke to a girl wearing nothing but silks flowing from cuffs on her arms and a chain about her waist. He told Clara that this girl was another of his pets and that she was BI. Clara, wanting to be sure that he understood her position on that subject, quickly told him that she was not into girls, that she preferred big hard cocks. He chuckled and said that he understood. When he had finished with the other girl he told Clara that he would be teleporting to the dungeon and would send for her shortly.

Clara popped into a room filled with the most interesting toys. Racks and cages and chairs and some objects who’s purpose eluded her. Eric, waiting until she had rezzed ordered her to follow him. Automatically she responded with a “Yes Sir” and followed behind him as he purposefully strode across the room to a specific chair. The chair had two balls on it, one said spanker the other said spankee. He ordered her to remove her pants and promptly sat in the spanker position. Clara, unwilling to completely expose herself slipped on a thong and removed her short shorts. “Get on my lap,” he ordered “you will now submit to a spanking for being such a naughty girl.” Clara nervously giggled to herself and assumed the position.

The spanking began, and he, in detail, explained to her what he was doing and why. Clara cried out and the tears began to fall. The more she struggled the harder he spanked. He chastised her verbally and physically for her wantonness and then suddenly told here to stand up. She hastily complied and he told her to follow him.

Mentally rubbing her sore bottom she followed him across the room to a small box. On top of the box was a folded card, the box had four holes on the top and two large holes across from each other on the sides. Curious she peeked around him to stare at the box and he told her to read the card. Using her camera controls she zoomed in …. Two Dollar Whore…. The card said. He turned to her and ordered her to take off her clothes. He told her that this box was meant for her, because she could not control herself. He told her that she deserved to be treated for what she was.

Clara dropped the remainder of her clothing and sat in the box. Suddenly she found herself in a very awkward position. Her hands and feet protruded from the four holes on the top of the box and her wide spread bottom stuck out the side, her head, thrown back with mouth , out the other side.

Eric sprang a huge erection and sat on the position ball facing her exposed pussy. He began to thrust into her telling her what he was doing and why. He ordered her to to encourage him and just as she began to speak…..her computer crashed……*sigh*……. To be continued….