Thursday, January 04, 2007

This blog is taking on a second life. Or maybe I should captialize that? Let me explain...

I started this blog initally as a place to do some thinking out loud about characters and stories. Thought readers might be interested in the "behind the scenes" look at the writing process. Well, to put it bluntly, they weren't. I don't know how many people subscribe to this blog, heck, I can't even find the darn RSS button it supposedly has on it somewhere. Few people leave comments, even when I post on bigger topics. Over the past several months, I've been posting less and less frequently as a result.

Those of you who DO read, know that my past few posts have mentioned Second Life, the Linden company's virtual world that mirrors everyday life...and yet has its own, unique reality. I've established a presence there, with a new reading room/coffeeshop/bookstore-type place to showcase my books. Click on a book cover and read an excerpt...follow the links to Ellora's Cave Publishing and voila! Purchase my books! Clever, huh?

Except I don't want it to end there. Second Life has far too many stories of its own to leave them untold. So, sitting with Ravishal Bentham one day (owner of East End Radio), we got to chatting about how to tell those stories. He told me of another story-teller who publishes on the web, adding a chapter on a regular basis, whose readers comment on his stories and gives him direction for the storyline.

Well, that got me to thinkin'....What about a story set both in RL (real life) and SL (Second Life)? A story that not only took some of my own adventures and viewed them through the eyes of a fictitious character, but that allowed readers to post their own stories as well? A story that could be directed by the readers as new worlds are created and new events occur? In other words, not a static, already-plotted out story...but a new, dynamic storytelling where the reader could interact with the characters and the storyline!

But of course, I need a way for readers to talk back to me. Find me in-world (I'm Diana Allandale, in-world), or add your stories here for the world to read. Let's give this blog its own Second Life!

Play safe,


Chantal said...

Hi Diana, I'm new to your blog, and eager to read more.

I don't think I can help with the story. I'm not creative, and my life is pretty boring. The most exciting thing I have done was give birth at home (Yes, on purpose)
It's a great concept though. I'm off to read more of your blog now.

Weirdharold said...

I think the direction you are trying to direct you blog will be a good move for you.

Allowing your fans to help furnish direction for your stories, suggestions, criticism,and praise maybe a gutsy move, but I think a wonderful experiment in social networking.

We at wish you the greatest success in the Second Life of your blog.

Diana said...

Thanks for the kind words, Chantal and Weirdharold...this experiment is getting off to a slow start, but is gaining momentum. Chantal...what about SL stories? Go ahead and post the most interesting, or the most frustrating, or the worst/best experience you've ever had in-world. I'd love to hear about it.

And I'm honored at a visit from Weirdharold! Wow! I visit your blog far more frequently than I visit my own.

See you both in-world!