Wednesday, February 08, 2006

I started this year with only one story in my head...and stress in my stomach. For the past two Januarys, I've had a book somewhere in the pipeline. A sure-fire release that would assure me of at least one book for the year.

This year, I began with only the story for Lady Jaided...and dumped it partway through the month to begin another (see previous posts). Ruby Storm, Ruth Kerce and I have been burning up the cyber highways with emails concerning our newest venture together, but at the beginning of January, we hadn't yet presented it to anyone to see if it would even get off the ground, much less fly.

So one story...and stress galore. Can one consider one's self a writer if there is nothing on paper worth looking at? Was I all dried up? Would I ever release another book?

Now it is February...and the story for Lady Jaided is almost complete, our Winter Studs anthology has gotten a green light, and I have not one, but TWO abandoned manuscripts that will make excellent stand-along books once my other commitments are complete. Ah, life is good!

I know, I know...stop talking and get back to writing...

Play safe,

OH! For those who have asked...there is no movement on the Ebay/Secret Submission front. The book is available in print via other avenues (Amazon and direct order at Ellora's Cave), but Ebay remains firm.


Anonymous said...

Diana don't beat yourself up.

The best writers who ever lived have experienced the same problem at one time or another.
You will get through this.

Diana said...

Thanks, Struggle for Justice (I have to admit...I love your moniker). As long as the books remain available via other sources, I'm not going to worry too much about one venue's politics. Won't get on my soapbox again, but I've decided my best course of action is to simply continue writing...and challenging the Powers That Be.