Tuesday, July 13, 2004

I've spent the last month struggling to find time to write. Thought once the summer was here I'd have plenty of time, but then there's the closet that needs cleaning out...and the garage that needs MAJOR hoeing...and the basement that needs cleaning...you get the picture!

Besides which, the characters surprised me. For those of you familiar with my books, well, I'm sure you won't be surprised. I thought this one (DIAMONDS IN THE SNOW) to be a nice little Valentine's story with some cute vanilla sex and a happy ending. Well, the happy ending is there...and almost written. But not so the vanilla sex.

Seems both Paul and Carolyn (the two protagonists) are into D/s...only she's all for it and he's ashamed of what he calls his 'cave man' mentality. Makes for some very interesting conversations...and sex, of course.

I hope to have it finished by the end of next week; it is my priority this week ... forget the garage; it'll still be there when the story's done. The end is in sight!

Oh! I have been working on webpage updates and gathering reviews for TABLE FOR FOUR. Some are already posted both on the website and in the "Files" section of the newsletter Yahoo!Group, but I have more to go. Also, check out the links... Adult Group Gold contacted me and requested a reciprocal link. Cool!

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