Shooting Star

Shooting Star, released June 2012. 
Murder-mystery erotic romance.

Hal and Callie, Laura and Alex – who would’ve thought Hollywood and small-town America could fall in love?

But when murder stalks the set of the new Earth Captain movie, two are targets and two are suspects....

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Content: Spicy, M/f, BDSM

Excerpt from Shooting Star
by Diana Hunter
All Rights Reserved

Laura felt herself sway with the heady arousal he’d managed to evoke. She hadn’t lied when she told Alex how horny she was. And it wasn’t because she wasn’t getting any. Her toys kept her plenty satisfied.
But this, the human touch, the male touch, made a world of difference. And the bondage? Holy shit, why hadn’t she tried this earlier? Hot damn but the little ripples of fear in her belly kept her aroused and ready and, if she were being honest with herself, needy. Part of her wanted him to fuck her right there against the wall of his trailer, part of her hoped he would string this out forever. This constant being on the edge? Oh, yeah. She liked this. A lot. And those kisses around the ball gag that made her drool? She’d tried to return the kiss, to let him know she wanted more, but he’d moved away too fast and she wasn’t sure she’d gotten her message across.
He stood before her, cupping her shoulders and she tried to put the message in her eyes. Keep going. Don’t stop now.
“You are a naughty girl, aren’t you, Laura?”
Alex’s eyes twinkled as he said it and she tried to agree but it came out, “Ery nauy,” so she nodded to make sure he understood.
“Naughty girls need to be spanked.” He took her nipple in his fingers again and squeezed. Steeling herself as the pain increased, she knew her pussy flooded again. He pulled her nipple toward him and in spite of her intent to remain still and take what he gave, she took a step forward.
“That’s right, come along.” Alex pulled her breast out again. She had no choice but to follow him to the kitchen area of the RV as he used her own body as a leash.


Avid Reader on Amazon: "Shooting Star was a fun read, a blend of mystery and romance both of the more vanilla (with the characters of Hal and Callie) and the not-vanilla-at-all (Alex and Laura). Unlike other books that use suspense solely to provide a reason for characters to be thrown together, "Shooting Star" has a natural, organic flow. The mystery isn't the reason for the couples' relationships, which is refreshing. Ms. Hunter nicely captures the friendship between Callie, Laura and Josh, and her characters' human flaws help to keep it more real. She also gets the rhythms of small-town life, and the behind-the-scenes peek at movie-making was entertaining."

Peter Barber on "The main characters were believable with strong, interesting back-stories, which added color and depth. A believable and interesting plot moved along at a nice clip delivering a well-written murder mystery during which the two main female characters became romantically involved with the star and co-star of the movie. 
With one couple, a more traditional romantic relationship developed. The other pair experimented with bondage and more risqué sexual activities. However, the story never felt like an excuse for delivering sex scenes, rather the characters acted out their attraction within the natural flow of the story-arc. 
This was a fun fast read."